Pringles Cheese & Onion

It’s like chopping open a fresh onion. Only instead of a normal onion, it’s an onion with cheese in the middle. And when you eat it the savory combination of cheese and onion is so delicious you’re inspired to write a song called “Cheese & Onion, How Delicious!” Which becomes a huge hit in certain parts of Belgium for no apparent reason.

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(05) Ingredients:
INGREDIENSER: Tørrede kartofler, vegetabilske olier (solsikke, palme, majs) i variabelt mængdeforhold, hvedemel, majsmel, rismel, ost- og løgkrydderiblanding (løgpulver, dextrose, maltodextrin, glukosesirup, smagsforstærkere {mononatriumglutamat, dinatriumguanylat, dinatriuminosinat}, modificeret majsstivelse, salt, gærekstrakt, aromaer, laktose {mælk}, solsikkeolie, bouillonpulver {salt, hydrolyseret vegetabilsk protein, solsikkeolie}, ostepulver {mælk}, syrer {mælkesyre, citronsyre}), maltodekstrin, emulgator (E471), salt, farve (annattoekstrakter norbixin).