Recycling your Pringles Tubes

We currently operate two schemes across the UK where you can drop your Pringles tubes off to be recycled. And there’ll be even more collection options coming soon as we aim to achieve 1000 collection points by the beginning of 2023. We’re also rolling out a new back of pack recycling logo to ensure you understand to ‘recycle at recycling point, not at home’.

Pringles and Terracycle

Pringles and Bring Banks

You can drop off your Pringles tubes in one of our Bring Banks, at over 330 locations across the UK.

You’ll find Bring Banks in places like supermarkets and retail centre car parks, household recycling centres and other public places. So, it’s easy drop off your Pringles tubes in the food and drink carton Bring Bank facilities.

The scheme is in place for two years while we work on additional recycling solutions like kerbside bins for your Pringles tubes.

Find your nearest Bring Bank

Pringles and TerraCycle

We’re proud to have partnered with Terracycle since 2019, collecting and recycling over 377,000 Pringles tubes and raising over £19,750 for partner charities. But we know we can do more.

That’s why we’re upscaling our partnership, expanding the number of collection points across the UK to over 700, ensuring over 85% of UK local authorities have reasonable access to a collection point.

We are currently looking for more volunteers to set up these collection points. Click here if you would like to find out more.

What happens after collections?

All Pringles tubes from both Bring Banks and Terracycle collection points, are sent to a specialist paper recycling mill in Stainland, Halifax for full recycling.

The empty tubes from both Bring Banks and Terracycle collection points will be taken to a specialist recycling mill in West Yorkshire. Here, the tubes are fully recycled with the fibres from the recycled cartons turned into industrial tubes and cores, which are used to wrap paper, man-made fibre yarns, and metal and plastic film around for industrial applications.

We continue to work on our Next Generation tube of the future