Pringles Changes

1. Hey, my Pringles look a bit different! What gives?-
  • Well spotted! We moved to a new home in Malaysia and we have added some extra potato to the recipe. Some people have let us know that the flavour isn’t quite the same as it used to be – so we have the crack team of Mr P chefs working to perfect the flavours as we settle into our new home!
2. Why did you make the can smaller? My hand no longer fits in the can so I can’t get the chips out anymore! -
  • The equipment we use in our new home in Malaysia is a bit different to our sister factory in the US – this means that the way we make Pringles and the size of the packaging has changed. You’ll notice that both the chip and can are a little bit smaller than the US versions to fit in with the production facility.
3. I don’t like the new Pringles – can I still get the ones from the US? -
  • If you are quick you might be able to get your hands on them until late July as some stores will take a little longer to sell out of the old cans. Once these have sold out there will be no more US stock available in Australia. You’ll only be able to get your hands on the new Pringles from Malaysia in Australia and New Zealand.
4. Did you change the price now that the cans are smaller? -
  • We hate putting up prices and it wasn’t a decision we made lightly. This is the first time we have changed the price in over four years, as the cost of making them was going up and up unfortunately we needed to build in a small price increase with the new cans to help cover some of these costs.
5. I found some 150g Pringles in Malaysia – why so? -
  • Hmmm I can see how this could be confusing but hopefully we can help clear things up. The 150g cans you’ve spotted in Malaysia are a promotional size product that we sell in Asia from time to time.

Manufacturing Changes

1. Why did you decide to make Pringles in Malaysia? -
  • The long and short of it was that demand in the Asia Pacific region was growing and we wanted to make sure we could give the people what they want – more Pringles! Setting up a place to call home in Malaysia meant we were better placed to keep up with local demand and ease some of the pressure on our sister plant in the US which was starting to struggle to keep up. The P-team are pretty excited about the new plant – it is going to give us more flexibility to launch new innovative products. If you haven’t already you should check out the new Tortilla range – this was one of the innovations from our Malaysia plant that’s launched recently and we’ve been told it is delicious!
2. Do foods imported from Asia have to comply with the same food quality and safety as those made in Australia?-
  • They do indeed! We want to make sure that you receive high quality, great tasting Pringles every time you pop open a can. All Pringles products meet the Australian & NZ Food Standards as well as stringent regulatory requirements for all foods sold locally in our market.


If you would like any further information please kindly call us on 1800 770 828. We’re open 8am to 5pm AEST Monday to Friday.