Frequently Asked Questions

All About Pringles®

Pringles® are made with real potatoes that we form into a ‘Pringle shaped potato dough’, we fry and season the crisps just right before placing them into our iconic can. The seasoning system we use is a waterfall process (seasoning gets sprinkled on) vs a tumbler like other chip processes.

Pringles® potato crisps are made mostly from potatoes, starches, flours, salt and seasonings.

Pringles® are not gluten free.

There’s no wrong way to eat Pringles®! However, some people claim that the best way to eat them is with the “top” of the chip (the side facing the lid of the can) facing down. Pringles® typically have more seasoning on the top of the crisps than the bottom, so this way you get the most intense flavor experience.

We do not label the majority of our foods vegetarian or vegan because there are varying definitions for the term "Vegetarian". "Vegetarians" may or may not choose to eat poultry, fish, dairy products or eggs. Therefore, we encourage you to review the ingredient label to determine if specific foods meet your individual needs.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – a chemist, a researcher and a science fiction author walk into a kitchen…

This isn’t the setup to some joke; it’s actually how Pringles® were created. Over the years, hundreds of people have had a hand in making Pringles® the delicious snack they are today, but credit for their creation goes to three people: Fredric Baur, Alexander Liepa, and Gene Wolfe.

Fredric Baur started working on Pringles® back in the mid-1950s, when he was looking to find an alternative to potato chips, which were often greasy, stale and broken. He spent more than two years on them, and is the person who designed their unique shape (known as a hyperbolic paraboloid) and the tubular can they were packaged in. He was so proud of his work that when he passed away he was actually buried in a can of Pringles®.

Alexander Liepa built on what Fredric started, working to improve the taste of Pringles® potato crisps. He was eventually rewarded for his efforts by being credited as the inventor on the Pringles® patent.

Gene Wolfe is credited with being the person to invent the machine that makes Pringles® potato crisps. Later on in life he went on to become a science fiction author, publishing more than thirty novels. He also bears a striking resemblance to Julius Pringles®.

One serving of Pringles® Original (about 16 crisps) has 150 calories. Calories may vary according to flavor. Please see nutritional information on our site or packaging for more information.

The number of Pringles® potato crisps varies by packaging size.

All Pringles® potato crisps are fried, not baked.

Pringles® has 25 different flavors in the U.S. and even more internationally, when combined you can make 318,000 unique flavor stacks. Of all the varieties, the top-selling flavors are Original, Cheddar Cheese, Barbeque and Sour Cream and Onion.