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Pringles Paper Can Trial - Overview

Our iconic Pringles can, invented by Fredric John Baur, has been a defining feature of our brand since it was launched in 1967 in the USA.

However, the Pringles can is set for a major eco makeover in the UK this September, as we begin a trial in select Tesco stores of a new tube made of recycled paper which is widely recyclable. The current Pringles can is made up of a combination of foil, paper board, metal and plastic meaning it can be difficult to recycle through the existing household recycling system set-up. But the make-up of the new-look can means people will be able to pop this in their home recycling bins.

The development of new solutions for the Pringles can is part of Kellogg’s commitment to ensure 100% of its packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable by end of 2025.

Launched in partnership with Tesco, the trial will take place in three Tesco stores in East Anglia from September 9th; Barhill Extra, Newmarket Superstore & Cherry Hinton Express. The new cans will be in store for around six weeks, where we will be carrying out research in order to understand shopper reactions. The information we collect will help us understand if people like it and if it works on the supermarket shelf and at home, as well as helping us to create the Pringles can of the future.

It's time to #PopPlayEatRecycle!

In-Store Recycling Trial for current Pringles Tubes

Pringles have launched a five-month trial with Tesco, with consumers able to return their empty Pringles tubes (no lids please!) to in-store recycling points.

Following the recent announcement of a Pringles paper can trial, this trial is targeting the in-store collection of the current Pringles tube to be recycled.

Working in partnership with Tesco and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK), the tubes will be collected from stores and taken to recycling facilities to be processed.

The trial will run for 5 months and is available in 11 stores (listed below). Please recycle the plastic lid with plastics recycling. Recycling points are available in the following stores;

Widnes (Merseyside) WA8 7YT
Bidston Moss Extra (Merseyside) CH43 7AA
Millom (Cumbria) LA18 4BX
Carnforth LA5 9LD
Handforth (Cheshire) SK9 3PA
Helsby (Cheshire) WA6 0DJ
Burnage (Greater Mcr) M19 1TF
Salford (Greater Mcr) M6 5JG
Warrington Extra (borders Cheshire, GM & Merseyside)     WA2 7NE
Mold (NE Wales) CH7 1UB
Barr Hill CB23 8EL

*Collection of Pringles tubes for recycling at 11 participating Tesco stores in the North West & Cambridge regions during a five months trial. Visit www.tesco.com/4rs or participating stores for more details. Please recycle plastic lid separately.

Intro to the programme

You can now recycle your Pringles cans in a simple and free way
Kellogg Company has recently expanded its Global Sustainability Commitments to include a goal of working toward 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025. Since within the complex Local-Authority-based public recycling infrastructure in the UK, Pringles® cans are not currently recyclable, TerraCycle® and Pringles® have partnered to create a free recycling programme for all Pringles® cans. The programme also offers participants the opportunity to fundraise for charitable causes. We are also working with TerraCycle to set up public access collection points so that consumers have more opportunities to recycle their Pringles cans.

How can I get involved?

Step 1: Sign up to the programme at terracycle.co.uk/pringles
Step 2: Start collecting your empty cans
Step 3: Have them collected by UPS for free


Click-through to the terracycle.co.uk/pringles website for more information*


What is TerraCycle?
• TerraCycle is a recycling company, renowned for finding ways to recycle even the most difficult to recycle waste.

Why have Pringles® partnered with TerraCycle?
• Within the complex Local-Authority-based public recycling infrastructure in the UK, Pringles® cans are not currently recyclable, so the Pringles and TerraCycle partnership provides a consistent nationwide solution for all of our consumers.

How can I sign up for the Pringles® can recycling programme?
• Signing up / participating in the Pringles® can recycling programme is easy. You will need to log onto: www.terracycle.co.uk/pringles and select the correct programme, then provide a valid email address, your name and your postal address to create an account.

• You can then download a freepost label, book a collection and your cans will be taken away to be processed, in exchange for a charitable donation (where the minimum shipment requirement is met).

What can I recycle?
• Any size of Pringles® cans.
• Plastic lids on Pringles® cans.

What can’t I recycle?
• Any type of crisp bags.
• Any crisp cans that are not from Pringles®.

*UK only. 18 +.Visit www.terracycle.co.uk/pringles to register and for Full T&Cs. Internet access required. Valid until 31/07/2020. Terracycle UK.