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Pringles® Wavy

Big Crunch. Big Flavor.

Pringles® Wavy
Applewood Smoked
Enjoy Cheddar Cheese creaminess with a touch of smoke flavor.
Pringles Wavy Classic Salted
Pringles® Wavy
Classic Salted
Discover the classic taste profile of Pringles® Original with an intense crunchy twist.
Pringles Wavy Classic Salted
Pringles® Wavy
Fire Roasted Jalapeño
Experience the smoky-sweetness of jalapeño peppers in every bite.
Pringles Wavy Fire Roasted Jalapeno
Pringles® Wavy
Sweet & Spicy BBQ
Indulge in brown sugar sweetness, smoky tomatoes and a dash of heat.
Pringles Wavy Sweet and Spicy BBQ


Pringles® Wavy are Pringles®, with a big new crunch and delicious new flavors. Which means they’re not Pringles®. But since they actually are Pringles®, you might say they’re not, not Pringles®.

Yes. But they’re also not Pringles®. They come in the same can but feature new flavors. And come in the same shape but feature new textures. You see, both Pringles® and Pringles® Wavy are produced by Pringles®, but only one is Pringles® Wavy. Which also happens to be Pringles®.

You are correct. But also incorrect. Feel free to check Question 5 for more clarification.

Pringles® Wavy are available in four delicious new flavors: Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Classic Salted, Fire Roasted Jalapeño, and Sweet & Tangy BBQ!

Absolutely. No. Maybe. Head to Question 6 for more information.

You could say that. Please see below for clarification.

Possibly. See above.

New Pringles® Wavy have a big new crunch and totally different flavors. So, they’re not Pringles® sometimes.

Of course, but not always.

Well, sometimes they’re more like Pringles®. And other times, not so much.

Why, big new flavors and a big new crunch of course.

Everything you want them to be!

About 60.

The best!

Wherever Pringles® are sold! Click here to find out!