Get Stacking

Stacking Pringles unlocks a universe of endless new flavor combinations. And where there are exciting new dimensions to explore, there’s always Rick and Morty. The Adult Swim questionably heroic interdimensional travelers.

“Don’t just stack Pringles to create more flavors. Also, stack Pringles to create more flavors.”

-Mortybot #24976

“Stack Pringles make endless new flavors Stack Pringles make endless new flavors”

-Mortybot #50485

“Jalapeno plus BBQ plus Pizza equals the Spicy BBQ Pizza Stack”

-Mortybot #06751
Pringles Rick and Morty Video

Stack Pringles.

Enter new dimensions of flavor.




Choose 3 different flavors

Pickle Rick

When you cross a Pickle with Rick you get Pickle Rick. And when you cross Pringles with Pickle Rick, you get Pickle Rick Pringles. Available for a limited time only, much like Pickle Rick himself.