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About 50 years ago, two serious snack lovers bashed their large brains together to create a potato-based snack to pop the mind and mesmerise the mouth. 

Escape the everyday with Pringles. A snack that’s shaped like the universe itself, a perfectly stackable hyperbolic parabloid that hugs the tongue and delights the tastebuds.

Created with randomness. Playfulness. A sprinkling of seriousness and heaps of curiousness.

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Stack your chips, create your flavour

Unleash your flavour genius and make your own ingenious combinations to create a tongue tingling taste experience all your own. Get stacking!

Stack your chips, create your flavour


What's your Pringles personality?

Are you an exotic taste chaser, a potato flavour purist or an insane experimenter? Discover your unique Pringles personality.

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What’s your Pringles personality?

The Innovator

When you decide to do something, you go all in - life’s too short after all! A curious mind, you have just as many new ideas as you do questions you’re eager to explore.

You’re always ready to get stuck in and help out, which makes you well-loved by both your friends and workmates.

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The Altruist

You probably have a green thumb - either that or you’re always reminding others to drink water.

A reliable friend who exudes warmth and creativity. From your boss to the barista, you bring out the best in everyone.

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The Enthusiast

Here for a good time AND a long time - you’re all about loving life and finding the best in every situation. Running out of energy never seems to be a problem for you, and no colour is too bright to wear.

You brighten the day of those around you just by being you.

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The Zen Master

Easygoing and difficult to faze, friends seek you out when they need a sympathetic ear. And yeah, if you could you’d be in loungewear 24/7.

Comfortable wherever you are, you’re usually the first to fall asleep at a party. Insomnia who?

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The Charmer

Sure you look effortlessly cool in a leather jacket, but you’re not here to impress anyone - you’re just doing your thing.

Your self-assurance puts others at ease, and your genuine interest in others means you make friends wherever you go.

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Some unnecessary genius to pop your mind

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