We take our perfect Pringles flavours very seriously, ensuring our hyperbolic paraboloid is bursting with flavour, to perfectly hug your tongue.

From time to time, we change our recipes and we recently made some changes to some Pringles flavours to add a small amount of ingredients made from milk. Milk is listed as an allergen on all products containing it which now include Texas BBQ Sauce, Hot Paprika, Sweet Paprika and Bacon. Pringles Original does not contain any ingredients made from milk and is suitable for those following a vegan diet or with milk allergies. Wheat flour is now also an ingredient across all Pringles varieties and, accordingly “wheat flour” is specified on the ingredient list.

We encourage consumers to check the ingredient list on packs for the most up-to-date information. Kellogg complies with all UK market labelling requirements, which set out specific rules regarding what allergen information should be included on pack.